Our Vision


The vision behind Next Generation Partners, Inc. is to truly partner with all impacted parties – local, state, and federal government; regulatory agencies; business leaders; labor organizations; and community stakeholders.

Our firm has already established a good working relationship with the elected officials, legislative staff, administrative agencies, community members, business leaders and union organizations. These relationships are greatly enhanced when we can say that you, the client, either have or are willing to embark on a lasting partnership with them.

  • Stand by your word
  • Build trusting relationships
  • Address your needs well beyond a quick hit and run strategy
  • Listen and work to incorporate ideas from all parties
  • Commit to following through to the end and even beyond the desired result

Following these key points establishes trust with our partners and provides the best formula for success.

Capital building

Creating lasting partnerships to secure desired results.

Mike Kriner, President and Owner